Buying Land Starts Here

Whether over the 21st century, the past 50 years… Or all the way back to more than 100 years… Real estate returns exceed stocks with SIGNIFICANTLY less volatility! In fact, since the early 1970’s real estate has beat the stock market nearly 2:1.

90% of the time, Land Buyers know exactly what they are looking for, they just need the tools to find it….Use Southland as your tool

Ten Things You Need To Know When Buying Vacant Land
  1. Location, Location, Location.
  2. What kind of expenses you will incur with purchase?
  3. Zoning laws and restrictions.
  4. Ordinances and covenants.
  5. Utilities – adding them if they are not already there.
  6. Road access – you don’t want to be land locked.
  7. Easements for access and utilities.
  8. Land Surveys to clearly define your property’s boundaries.
  9. Is property in a Floodplain?
  10. Permits – be ready to apply for multiple permits if you choose to build.

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